Richard McKeon (1900-1985)
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Essays in Invention and Discovery

Richard McKeon
Edited with an Introduction by Mark Backman

© 1987 Ox Bow Press, Woodbridge, CT

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Introduction: Richard McKeon and the Renaissance of Rhetoric   vii
McK-Rhetoric_Introduction(Backman).pdf   7.7 MB

1.   The Uses of Rhetoric in a Technological Age: Architectonic Productive Arts   1

2.   Creativity and the Commonplace   25

3.   Discourse, Demonstration, Verification, and Justification   37

4.   The Methods of Rhetoric and Philosophy: Invention and Judgment   56

5.   Symbols, Myths, and Arguments   66

6.   Philosophy of Communications and the Arts   95

7.   Rhetoric in the Middle Ages   121
McK-RhetoricInMiddleAges.pdf   968 KB

8.   Poetry and Philosophy in the Twelfth Century: The Renaissance of Rhetoric   167
McK-Poetry&PhilosophyIn12C.pdf   8.5 MB

9.   A Philosopher Meditates on Discovery   194
McK-PhilosopherMeditates.pdf   6.8 MB