Richard McKeon (1900-1985)
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Selected Writings of Richard McKeon
Volume 1: Philosophy, Science, and Culture

Edited by Zahava K. McKeon and William G. Swenson
With an Introduction by Zahava K. McKeon

© 1998 The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London

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List of Figures and Tables   ix

Foreward, by William G. Swenson   ix
McK-SelectedWritingsV1_Foreword.pdf   1.3 MB

Acknowledgments   xiii

General Introduction, by Zahava K. McKeon   1
McK-SelectedWritingsV1_GenIntro.pdf   6.2 MB

1   Philosophy as a Humanism   23

2   A Philosopher Meditates on Discovery   41
McK-PhilosopherMeditates.pdf   6.8 MB

3   Scientific and Philosophic Revolutions   61

4   Process and Function   82

5   Philosophy and Theology, History and Science in the Thought of Bonaventura and Thomas Aquinas   112

6   Rhetoric and Poetic in the Philosophy of Aristotle   137
McK-Rhetoric&PoeticInPhilOfAristotle.pdf   8.7 MB

7   Philosophy and the Development of Scientific Methods   165

8   Philosophy and Method   183

9   Philosophic Semantics and Philosophic Inquiry   209
McK-PhilosophicSemantics&Inquiry.pdf   6.1 MB

10   Experience and Metaphysics   222

11   The Flight from Certainty and the Quest for Precision   229

12   Being, Existence, and That Which Is   244

13   Aristotle's Conception of the Development of the Nature of Scientific Method   256

14   Aristotle and the Origins of Science in the West   290

15   The Hellenistic and Roman Foundations of the Tradition of Aristotle in the West   304
McK-Hellenistic&RomanFdnsOfAristotleInWest.pdf   2.4 MB

16   Democracy, Scientific Method, and Action   335

17   Communication, Truth, and Society   394
McK-CommunicationTruth&Society.pdf   292 KB

18   Philosophy and Action   406

19   Fact and Value in the Philosophy of Culture   429

20   Facts, Values, and Actions   436

21   Philosophy and History in the Development of Human Rights   447

22   Philosophy as in Agent of Civilization   468
McK-PhilosophyAsAnAgentOfCivilization.pdf   1.1 MB

Name and Title Index   483

Subject Index   491