Richard McKeon (1900-1985)


The following is a small sampling from Richard McKeon’s nearly 160 articles and 12 books. The division of these publications is, of course, only one of a number that are possible; and individual essays, likewise, might easily be assigned to different headings. Nevertheless, the intent of this grouping is to suggest that even at his most general and abstract, for example, in the exploration of “themes,” McKeon’s ideas are grounded in an extraordinarily detailed knowledge of “individuals” and of “periods” throughout the full range of philosophy. Moreover, much of his distinctiveness arises from the joining of that unique scholarship with an inventiveness undiminished throughout a long career. Hopefully, the selection below will suggest to the viewer something of the depth and breadth of McKeon’s contribution.

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1954 “Introduction”
In Richard McKeon, Thought, Action, and Passion (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1954), pp. 1-29.
McK-ThoughtAction&Passion-Intro.pdf   7.5 MB
  "Love and Philosophical Analysis"
Originally delivered as “Symposia,” the Presidential Address of the Western Division of the American Philosophical Association, and published in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Association for 1951-52, pp. 18-41. Revised and renamed in Richard McKeon, Thought, Action, and Passion (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1954), pp. 30-53.
McK-Love&PhilosophicalAnalysis.pdf   7.6 MB
1957 “Encyclopaedia”
In Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol 8 (Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1958), pp. 424-431.
McK-Encyclopedia.pdf   1.5 MB
1958 “Culture and Humanity”
In Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol 5 (Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1958), p. 743.
McK-Culture&Humanity.pdf   176 KB
1966 “The Concept of Mankind and Mental Health”
Ethics, vol. LXXVII, no. 1 (October 1966), pp. 29-37.
McK-ConceptOfMankind.pdf   3.9 MB
1967 “The Battle of the Books”
In The Knowledge Most Worth Having, ed. Wayne C. Booth (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1967), pp. 173-202. Reprinted in Selected Writings of Richard McKeon, vol. 2, ed. Zahava K. McKeon and William G. Swenson (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005), pp. 217-34.
McK-BattleOfTheBooks.pdf   5.7 MB
1974 "Time and Temporality"
In Philosophy East and West, vol. 24, no. 2 (Apr 1974), pp. 123-28.
McK-TimeAndTemporality.pdf   444 KB
1976 "Canonic Books and Prohibited Books: Orthodoxy and Heresy in Religion and Culture"
In Critical Inquiry, vol. 2, no. 4 (Summer 1976), pp. 781-806.
McK-CanonicBooks&ProhibitedBooks.pdf   5.7 MB
(For additional, unpublished explorations by McKeon of his conception of themes, see the Notes and Recordings sections.)
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